Hard Times in Petersville: Kenny Creek Lodge closed forever on September 10, 2017

Times are tough for snowmachine service-related industries….dealers will be the first to admit that !  But a cosmic hit to an epic landmark in Petersville was not expected until the winters of 2014, 2015 and 2016 reared their ugly heads with water-logged snowfall in the prime of riding time.

Kenny Creek Lodge, an oasis of services with cozy lodging, a warm meal and good old Alaskan hospitality announced September 10th they are permanently hanging it up after 17 years of exceptional community service.  Cited as the rising cost of operating expenses against an anemic income of late, Tim and Susie tried their darnest to avoid a dead end but there was no choice…and no buyer to help out.  All of  us will forever recall how many community events and snowmachine gatherings they fully supported and opened their doors to everyone, not just lodging guests. Not even to mention how the worst of weather conditions and sub-zero temperatures 30 miles from anything we could always find solace at Kenny Creek Lodge.

Thank you for all you did for the snowmachine community, Tim & Susie–that will never be forgotten !