House Bill 23 proposed 1/7/19 to increase SNOWMOBILE REGISTRATION FEES

Alaska House of Reps: Mark Neuman introduced a House Bill on January 7th to increase Snowtrac registration fees from $10 for two years to $20 for two years.

We support this action because we’re the only self-funded user group in the General Fund of Alaska and awarded grooming dollars for the Snowtrac program as they are received by every one of us that register our sleds in the state registration program.  And we hope you will too—please write letters to your district legislator and senator explaining how you want safe and enjoyable winter-use trails when you’re ready to use them.  It’s much more than recreation too; many maintained trails are ” hightways for commerce” vital to trading and accomodation.

Times have changed, costs have gone up and we can’t keep expecting the kind of snowmachine trail service so many of us are accustomed to at $10. If we don’t raise our contributions, we’re going to have keep cutting back on grooming like this winter and noone likes that according to all the complaints lately.

Think about it….$20 for more groomed trails than you can ride in just one day on a tank of gas?  That’s less than you spend on lunch !