Snowtrac Grooming Pool needs your HELP to survive !

As many of you know, Governor Dunleavy’s new General Fund proposal includes many cutbacks and deletions from access to the Alaska General Fund (pooled income from taxation and fees) but once again we’re faced with a test of our resolve to keep the maintained and groomed winter-use trails alive in Alaska…..the statewide SnowTrac Grooming budget is not in the governor’s budget proposal for next year !   It goes before the House and legislators next, gets modified and then to the Senate and then back to the Governor for approval, line-item veto or denial.

The 1991 “Handshake Agreement” that funds raised from snowmachine registration dollars would help provide workable allocations assigned to Dept. of Environmental Conservation turned over to the “SnowTrac” program (Snowmobile Trails Advisory Council) every year is now threatened unless we do something now to turn this around. 

Of course, writing letters and comments does much to let your governor and legislators know you CARE about the snowmachine trails in Alaska, but actions speak louder than words.   Show them you support the trail program by REGISTERING YOUR SLED and JOIN A SNOWMACHINE CLUB !  These two actions send a much more powerful message to our lawmakers.  Snowmachine registrations are way down this year….almost 35 percent less machines register as compared to last winter at this time and that grossly affects the SnowTrac allocation amount every year.  That sends the message to our legislators that we don’t care to keep the trails alive.  And joining a club is the only voice that they’re hear–a collective message from a user-group that matters.  Representation is most important at a time like this !

Please don’t kiss off what we’ve worked so hard to build over decades and maintain….we’ll never get it back and possibly the area access once we loose it. Private donations are only a tiny piece of the puzzle, this state program is the only way to keep our established winter-use “highways” open.