Caribou Hills Trails Report – Reported by Caribou Hills Cabin Hoppers 20-Mar-2017

Reported by: CHCH 10-Feb-2016


The next Board of Directors meeting for the CHCH will be held on April 4 @ Mykels Restaurant downstairs in the banquet room @ 6:30. The General Meeting for member will follow @ 7:00. This will be our annual Elections meeting. There is a 1 yr trustee position available for anyone who is interested in sitting on the board.. This trustee position helps the Board Members to make decisions that concern the Caribou Hills and the maintenance of its trails.

Trails Report

Monday – March 20, 2017

Trails Groomed. All of:

Straight In Trail
Gravel Pit Trail
Preachers Trail
Tinkle Tree Trail
Upper Clam Gulch Trail
Lobo Lane
Matti’s Bypass Trail
126 Trail from Tinkle Tree Trail to Jesse’s Trail
Barrel Trail
Upper Falls Creek Trail
Jesse’s Trail
5000 Road
Caribou Lake Trail to CCL and return
Deep Creek Dome Trail
Center Plateau Trail
Jeep Trail
126 Trail from Jeep Trail to 4 Corners
5th Trail
Waterhole Trail
Lost Creek Trail
Gold Hills Trail


14-Mar-2017  Trails groomed by the PB400 today are. All of Straight In, Upper Clam Gulch, Grand Prix, Barrel, Tinkle, Gravel Pit and Falls Creek. 126 from Tinkle to Jesse, Jesse from 126 to Falls Creek, Cooper from Lobo to Straight In, Lost Creek from Fred’s to Straight In.

Feb 22, 2017

Here are the grooming activities from yesterday the 21st using the PB200:
All of Straight In
All of Lost Creek
All of Upper Clam Gulch, including Stub
All of Tinkle Tree
All of Gravel Pit
All of 126 Trail
All of Jeep Trail
All of Barrel Trail
All of Grand Prix
All of Upper Falls Creek
All of Waterhole
5th Trail from Waterhole to Lost Creek
The WOW route will be groomed thIs Friday as well. The trails held up remarkably well last weekend considering the many riders who were out!
Thanks, Ken

Map & Snowmobile regulations for Kenai National Wildlife Refuge below:

Jan 18-2017 Refuge Manager, Andy Loranger, today announced the opening of all areas of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge traditionally open to snow machining. Areas always closed to snowmachine use include the Headquarters tract on Ski Hill Road, Skilak Loop Special Management Area, Swanson River and Swan Lake Canoe Systems, Wolf Lake pipeline corridor, and all areas above timberline except in the Caribou Hills. The attached map indicates open and closed areas; users are encouraged to contact the Refuge Headquarters if unsure of boundaries.
The Refuge asks all snowmachine users to be respectful of their surroundings and avoid any windblown areas that have insufficient snow accumulation. Users should also try to avoid
moose and other wildlife whenever possible. Users are also reminded that all snowmachines must display current State of Alaska registration.
The Refuge also advises that snowmachine users exercise caution on lakes, rivers and streams which may not yet be sufficiently frozen or have substantial overflow. For more information, please contact Refuge Headquarters at (907) 262-7021, online at http// or visit the Refuge Headquarters on Ski Hill Road in Soldotna.

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